Top 7 Orthodontic Facts That Will Surprise You!

What is the first thing that comes to your mind as you think of getting an orthodontic treatment? It could be any number of things, but we can bet that “fun” doesn’t make the cut. It is understandable since the countless visits to the orthodontist and its elevating costs don’t exactly align itself with the definition of fun. However, the results can be amusing, to say the least! After all, who wouldn’t want a brighter, shinier and healthier smile that looks nothing less than flawless?

Though you’d be amazed to find out that while the process itself isn’t entertaining, there are a number of fun, interesting facts to be known about orthodontic treatments that will intrigue you. Let us dive right into the top 7 interesting facts that’ll bring your attention to the lighter side of this remarkable treatment!

Fact # 1: Braces are NASA’s invention!

Your dentist may have already told you that the wires for your braces are made up of nickel and titanium. But what he didn’t mention is the fact that these wires were originally meant to be a part of a space program and were even developed by NASA itself. Thanks to the flexibility and elasticity of these thin wires, it is convenient to bend them for the purpose of attachment with the teeth.

Fact #2: Braces do much more than make your teeth straight!

Most people think that they only need braces to make their teeth look prettier or make them align better when they chew. In fact, braces can do much more than make your smile beautiful and your bite comfortable. Braces fix a lot more health problems in your body:

  • Breathing problems
  • Sleeping problems
  • Difficulty speaking
  • Issues with chewing and swallowing

So, don’t forget, braces are not only pretty they are also very healthy for your whole body!

Fact # 3: The use of braces can be traced back to 300 years!

You’d be amazed to find out that braces are not the miracle of modern dentistry. The first use of the braces dates back to 1728 when Pierre Fauchard designed the first ones that earned him the title of ‘Father of Dentistry’. These made use of a thin thread to establish a connection between the teeth and the flat metal braces.

Fact # 4: The desire for a flawless smile can be traced back to ancient Egypt!

Braces may have been an invention of the 18th century, but a desire for flawless teeth and consequently an attractive smile dates further back. As discovered in the mummies of ancient Egypt, a similar attempt was made with the use of animal intestines, which served an identical role as that of the wires used in modern braces.

Fact # 5: Retainers are the ultimate key to straighter teeth!

It’s unfortunate that you don’t take retainers as seriously as braces because the truth is, the success of your treatment is largely defined by how religiously you use the retainers. Failure to use them significantly increases the likelihood that you’ll have to get braces again in the future.

Fact # 6: Braces are not just for kids!

Remember the time when someone told you that your age for getting braces has long passed? Congratulations for not paying any attention to that since it doesn’t hold any truth. You’d be glad to know that every 5th patient who wears braces is an adult as per a report of the American Association of Orthodontists. That is more 1,000,000 adults who wear braces!

Fact # 7: Hollywood stars wore braces, too!

Drooling over the perfect smile of the Hollywood stars is common to all of us. But did you know that not all of them had this smile naturally? A number of stars including Tom Cruise and Chelsea Clinton have made use of Orthodontic treatments to fix their smiles!

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