Schedules and Bookings

We, at the Smile Institute, realize how precious your time is. This is why we have organized a schedule that will easily accommodate your hectic lifestyle. Our team has extended their working hours to suit your schedule. If you require an early appointment, we will be up and running at 9 am.  If you want to hop in around lunchtime, our team will be readily available at your disposal. And if you are unable to make it during those hours, we will be open until 8pm to serve you. All this, because for us, our patients come first!

Adult Dentistry Round Up

As we all have heard before, “prevention is better than cure”. Keeping this motto mind, we, at the Smile Institute, believe in adopting a proactive approach by identifying and treating the complications at hand before they get worse. This is the sole reason why our team performs comprehensive dental checkups, x-rays, and cleanings.

We offer a huge range of top-quality dental procedures to keep our patients smiling with confidence from day one! Get in touch with one of our professionals today and take optimum control of your dental health!


Sedation for Painless Transformations

For us, your comfort and ease comes first. This is why we have incorporated sedation dentistry into our works. Sedation allows you to rest comfortably for a specific time period, as we tend to your teeth. By the time you wake up, we will have completed the entire procedure and you can walk out of the dental office feeling happy and contented.

Jaw Dropper

Does the thought of having to hold your jaw open during the entire dental procedure cause you dread? This is one of the most common struggles faced by dental patients all over the globe! Not only does it cause extreme discomfort and anxiety, but it also limits the dentist’s ability to provide an effective treatment. Keeping the patient’s and doctor’s needs in mind, The Smile Institute now offers the JawDropper™ – a device that stretches and relaxes the jaw at the same time, offering ultimate ease and comfort!

Painless Injections

Dreading those needles? Fear not, we have the SmartGate Dental Injection Aid Painless, which is a revolutionary device that offers soothing vibrations to eliminate the pain felt from the prick of the injection. You won’t even feel that you’ve received a shot, we promise!