Leading Cosmetic Dentist

A captivating smile has the power to uplift individuals in various aspects of their lives, both personally and professionally. Dr. Marina Ambridge, a lecturer at the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, possesses advanced education in Cosmetic Dentistry, positioning her as an expert in her field. Her expertise extends beyond traditional cosmetic dentistry, as she has undergone specialized training in procedures such as orthodontics, implants, fillers and Botox. With this comprehensive skill set, Dr. Ambridge can help individuals achieve their desired flawless smiles while addressing both facial esthetics and functional dental concerns.

Dr. Ambridge has successfully conducted numerous complex cosmetic procedures, employing a holistic approach that minimizes damage to natural teeth. In certain cases, treatment begins with teeth repositioning using braces or clear aligners like Invisalign, reducing the need for excessive removal of tooth structure during subsequent veneer placement. Following veneer application, lip fillers are skillfully administered to enhance volume and create a harmonious balance with the repositioned teeth. Other procedures encompass the placement of implants, teeth whitening, and aesthetic fillings for the front teeth. Dr. Ambridge has even utilized no-prep veneers on children to correct congenitally small teeth, demonstrating her versatility and dedication to providing the best solutions for her patients At The Smile Institute, we employ innovative technologies, advanced materials, high-tech equipment, and specialized dental technicians to ensure exceptional outcomes.

Dr. Ambridge’s extensive skills and experience position her as a leading cosmetic dentist in Peoria, AZ, and the Greater Phoenix area. We encourage you to reach out and schedule a consultation with Dr. Ambridge to address any questions or concerns you may have regarding veneers, aesthetic fillings, teeth whitening, Botox, dermal fillers, braces, clear aligners (such as Invisalign), or implants. During your consultation, Dr. Ambridge will carefully consider various factors, including your facial appearance, skin tone, hair color, teeth color, and any functional issues, to help you achieve your desired look. You will have the opportunity to discuss areas of enhancement, such as teeth alignment, spacing, fuller lips, or facial recontouring, among others.

Our procedures are designed to provide you with a complete smile and facial makeover that will undoubtedly capture attention and leave you feeling confident and rejuvenated.

Comprehensive Cosmetic and Functional Approach

At The Smile Institute, we prioritize a comprehensive approach to facial beauty, considering both aesthetic and functional aspects. We understand that achieving an improved smile often requires a combination of skills and specific experience. In certain cases, we may use orthodontic treatments such as braces or clear aligners, like Invisalign, to straighten the teeth before proceeding with veneers. This approach helps minimize the need for extensive tooth preparation. We also offer no-drill composite veneers, which involve layering composite material onto the natural teeth to preserve their structure. In situations where there are missing teeth, we provide implant solutions to restore the integrity of the smile.

Our advanced training in orthodontics, implants, and occlusion analysis allows us to address functional issues, including bite problems and TMJ pain, alongside cosmetic procedures. As part of our comprehensive cosmetic dental and facial makeover, we incorporate filler and Botox injections to address any residual facial asymmetry that cannot be fully corrected through dental procedures alone.

Happy Patient Story – Veneers and Cross-Bite Correction

I am thoroughly enamored by this remarkable smile makeover, as it encompasses not only aesthetic enhancements but also addresses functional concerns. The patient’s desires extended beyond achieving a brighter and more symmetrical smile; they also sought relief from issues associated with teeth grinding, clenching, and eating difficulties. By employing a meticulous approach, I personally crafted customized porcelain veneers for the anterior teeth, utilizing facial reference metrics as a guide. This technique effectively lengthened and filled in the smile, while simultaneously rectifying the cross-bite and augmenting the tooth structure. Consequently, the need for significant tooth preparation, often referred to as “shaving,” was nearly eliminated, ensuring minimal alteration to the patient’s natural teeth.


Looking for an instant-fix for your crooked, chipped or discolored teeth in Peoria AZ? Veneers can help you dramatically transform your smile in the shortest time possible. What was once reserved for celebrities and icons can now be availed by everyone, thanks to the rapid progress in technology! These thin shells of ceramic mask all the problem areas to reveal shinier and brighter teeth. We, at the Smile Institute, make sure that the veneers are placed accurately and look as close to your teeth’s natural color as possible!

These intricate techniques and procedures require a steady hand and an artistic flair, and Dr. Ambridge possesses both these gifts! Dr. Ambridge has already helped numerous people make their teeth whiter and their faces younger by increasing the aesthetics of their teeth with the help of veneers. With the Smile Institute, you are just one step away from your very own Hollywood smile!

Happy Patient Story – Composite “No Drill” Veneers

The patient came to us with small and constricted teeth. After careful consideration, we opted for a conservative approach by utilizing four additive-only composite resin veneers, completely avoiding any removal of tooth enamel. Employing my artistic abilities, I meticulously layered white filling material onto the patient’s existing teeth, sculpting them to perfection. The creation of these veneers demanded exceptional precision and technique, making it a highly intricate procedure for both the patient and the dentist. However, in capable hands and suitable cases, chairside composite veneers like these prove invaluable as they preserve valuable tooth structure while delivering a remarkable new smile to the patient.

Happy Patient Story – Teeth Whitening and Veneers

The patient struggled with self-consciousness over her teeth for a considerable portion of her life. Although relatively straight, her teeth had darkened due to early exposure to tetracycline antibiotics. This resulted in her concealing her smile, even avoiding smiling altogether. As a 60th birthday gift to herself, she asked us to apply eight minimal-prep porcelain veneers to enhance the length and fullness of her smile while simultaneously repairing the wear caused by aggressive use of whitening toothpaste. The treatment successfully achieved permanently white teeth and a more youthful appearance. In addition, we used the latest advanced Kor Whitening system to whiten the bottom teeth, resulting in optimal, life-changing outcomes while minimizing damage to the patient’s natural teeth. The patient is now delighted to show off her radiant smile to those around her, to the extent that her husband is concerned she may be Hollywood-bound!

Happy Patient Story – Veneer, Bleaching

This patient was graduating from college and getting ready to take on the real world. Yet, his black front tooth made him apprehensive whenever he needed to smile. Severe tooth discoloration is one of the possible consequences after an injury to the face. He was worried about having to get aggressive dental treatment and having to get a significant amount of his tooth shaved off to hide that internal darkness.

However, Dr. Ambridge had a technique to provide this patient with a conservative solution. After cleaning out the root canals of the front teeth, they were bleached from the inside to get rid of the discoloration. Afterwards a single veneer was done. Excellent communication with the lab technician and artistry recreated the characterization of this patient’s teeth to get a perfect match. As a result, we could give this patient his smile back while avoiding the need for a crown! Results like this get us really excited about dentistry.

Botox & Fillers

Botox can help you greatly enhance your facial features and improve your overall appearance. In addition to that, it also helps in treating problems related to the smile such as the ‘gummy’ or ‘upside-down’ smile or persistent grinding of teeth. Plus, it also helps in treating pains resulting from oral health problems. And who better to take care of those stubborn imperfections than a trained dentist who specializes in Cosmetic Dentistry? Since dentists and plastic surgeons spend their entire career studying in great detail the anatomy of all the nerves and muscles in the face, the symmetry of the face, the different proportions of the face, and training their hands for micro surgeries, they are the best candidates for the job. Their expertise with facial anatomy and the functioning of facial muscles has proven to be a valuable asset in the administration of cosmetic injections such as Botox.

In fact, dentists administer more injections in the facial areas than any other medical practitioner out there! Getting the procedure done from an inexperienced person poses great risks, as it can result in frozen and awkward results that look far from natural! Apart from that, it can be extremely dangerous if someone who does not have proper education and training injects Botox into a nerve or blood vessel. Dr. Marina Ambridge will use her knowledge, training and years of expertise to help you achieve your desired look that appears natural and youthful!

At the Smile Institute in Peoria AZ, we use Botox as part of our overall smile design treatment, where the patient who started smiling very widely because they are no longer afraid of showing their beautiful teeth, might start getting “crows feet” wrinkles beside their eyes or fine lines around their mouth. This can be easily fixed by applying Botox to the correct muscles that cause those wrinkles, resulting in beautiful, smooth and youthful skin that glows from within!

Happy Patient Story – Botox & Fillers

I am delighted by the transformative impact of this facial rejuvenation procedure, which has instilled a newfound sense of confidence within the patient. The treatment encompassed the skillful administration of Botox injections to effectively diminish the appearance of fine lines in the forehead, crow’s feet, and frown lines, resulting in a remarkably smoother complexion in these regions. Furthermore, dermal filler was strategically employed to enhance the contours of the cheekbones and provide a subtle lifting effect to address the natural sagging that occurs with age. Additionally, meticulous application of lip filler was employed to restore aesthetic proportions, anatomical harmony, and voluminous fullness to the lips, effectively complementing the overall rejuvenation achieved in the patient’s face.


Are ugly lines and wrinkles masking your beautiful smile? Does your facial skin seem like it has lost all its vitality and youth? Dermal fillers are injectable fillers that can help smoothen out your skin, restore the lost volume and define your facial contours. Since dentists are quite experienced and skilled in understanding the facial anatomy and physiology of the patients, they know the art of administering such cosmetic injections better than any other professional out there.

At the Smile Institute, our skilled dentists  in Peoria AZ use dermal fillers to help give patients a youthful appearance as a part of our overall smile design program. Our staff ensures that the best techniques and tools are used to give you the most natural and subtle finish that blends in with the rest of your facial features. When done right, the results can be quite phenomenal!

Happy Patient Story – Filler

This patient was very self-conscious of what she described as thin lips with poor definition. She had always fantasized about having full, voluptuous lips. After completing her lip filler treatment, she told me that she loved her lips so much that she put on lipstick and then kissed her mirror to get an imprint of her lips. She could not contain how happy she was with her results! Outcomes like this really inspire me to continue to work hard to bring the latest knowledge and techniques to The Smile Institute.

We used two syringes of dermal filler to fill and contour the upper and lower lips. Dr. Ambridge’s artistic eye was critical here, as it was important to not only evenly distribute the filler, but also place it in such a way that it would create a natural and attractive lip shape.

Lip fillers are a safe and effective way to bring youth to your smile by creating the right frame for your pearly whites.

Multilayered Natural Fillings – Multi Colored Translucent Fillings

Whether you have gaps in your teeth or cavities, our expert team will utilize their skills to restore your smile in the subtlest manner possible! We offer three different types of fillings including white, multi-colored and translucent fillings to enhance your smile. However, multi-layered natural fillings are the best, as they blend in with the rest of your teeth – giving the most natural look and feel! Having advanced knowledge in cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Ambridge makes sure your fillings are as close to your teeth’s natural color as possible by using multiple layers of diverse composite materials.

This helps in achieving the most natural color and translucency for the filling. Natural translucency is very hard to achieve and there are very few dentists who possess the required skillset to perform such multilayered fillings. This is particularly crucial for the front set of the teeth, where a filling has to become completely invisible as if it was a natural part of the tooth. This is how our team uses the most advanced restorative techniques to give you a picture-perfect smile that looks and feels completely natural!

Multilayered Natural Crowns

Cracked or fractured teeth can cause severe pain and discomfort, especially when trying to chew. Apart from that, they can have a negative impact on your self-esteem, especially if they are in the front of your teeth, making you feel like your smile is not pleasant. Fortunately, multilayered natural crowns can be placed over the tooth to restore your confidence and give you an aesthetically pleasing smile. In the case of dental crowns, different colors are used to color different parts of the crown.

Your dentist needs to have a very good eye for the color and shades in order to indicate to the laboratory producing the crown what colors to use for which part of the tooth, so that it blends perfectly with the rest of the surrounding teeth. Dr. Ambridge and her team will use only the best tools and techniques to craft your customized multilayered crown that is not just sturdy, but mimics the natural color of your teeth and looks completely natural! There are 4 different types of dental crowns- Ceramic, Gold Alloys, Base Metal Alloys, and Porcelain-fused Metal. Our team uses all these materials to create your ideal match!

Veneers: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

The Good:

Veneers are a great way to improve your smile and confidence, especially if your teeth are chipped, malformed, discolored, small or cannot be sufficiently whitened. Veneers can be done in as few as two visits, are highly stain resistant, durable and customizable in terms of shape and color to make them look ideal. There are two types of veneers: porcelain and composite. Porcelain veneers are stronger but may require the removal of about 0.3mm from the tooth. Composite veneers are handcrafted on top of existing teeth from several layers of specialized resin to mimic natural teeth. So, because composite veneers are placed on top of natural teeth, they can even be used to repair a defect on kids with underdeveloped permanent teeth. Finally, you can easily go with as few as one veneer if you need to correct the shape of a single tooth.


The Bad:

There are certain issues associated with dental veneers, of which you need to be aware. Veneers are expensive due to the amount of planning and surgical time required from the dentist as well as the time required from a skilled ceramist to hand-craft each individual tooth. Porcelain veneers may require you to stay in a dental chair from three to six hours at a time if multiple teeth are treated, although mild sedation can help with that. Although some tooth enamel removal may be required, in many cases, none or very minimal enamel may need to be removed. Such cases include small teeth, existing dental work, use of short-term orthodontics before veneers, or when composite veneers are used. Finally, veneers, especially composite veneers, are extremely technique sensitive. Unfortunately, too many veneers end up unsuccessful due to a lack of adequate specialized training by the dentist-ceramist team.

The Ugly:

Many factors come into play when determining if you are a good candidate for veneers. Veneers may not be for you if you have weakened teeth (e.g. large fillings, cracks), unhealthy teeth (e.g. cavities or active periodontal disease), do not have enough tooth structure tooth to hold a veneer, or suffer from bruxism (teeth clenching). Nevertheless, you may still be a candidate for the smile of your dreams with specialized crowns that are made with the same care that we would take for handcrafted veneers.

In addition, veneers may fail due to an incorrect bite. Your dentist should have specialized advanced training in occlusion (bite) analysis to evaluate and correct your bite before placing the veneers. Veneers should also be carefully customized to fit your facial symmetry and style. There are twelve styles of veneers, which range from youthful (softened oval style) to aggressive (square shaped veneers) for people, who want to project a strong personality.

Keep in mind that if the style, color and translucency of your veneers do not match your face, lips, and the whites of your eyes correctly, your veneers will can look out of place. Thus, it is important that your dentist has special aesthetic training and a natural feel for beauty/symmetry to help guide you towards the best types of veneers for you. Unfortunately, too many patients end up with veneers that look too white, large, opaque, or have a poor fit of the porcelain to the teeth, predisposing the teeth future decay. So, make sure to ask your dentist what specialized cosmetic dental courses they have taken and whether they are a member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentists.