Emergency Dentist in Peoria AZ

Dental emergencies can leave you feeling anxious and panicky. Our main priority, at The Smile Institute, has always been your comfort and convenience, which is why we provide the utmost care to our emergency cases. Do not wait for your toothache to become worse! If there’s a dental emergency that requires immediate attention, give us a call right away! We are here to help you with Dental emergency in Peoria AZ.

Emergency Schedules

Having a dental emergency can be an absolute nightmare! You’re suffering from intense pains in your mouth and calling various dental clinics in hopes of finding a last-minute appointment. At the Smile Institute, we realize how crucial it is to tend to your emergency soon enough and how inconvenient it can be when such a situation arises.

Thus, we offer flexible scheduling and convenient appointments in times of crisis like these. With the Smile Institute, you will always be in safe hands!

Amenities for Pain Management

Do you dread going to the dentist? Does a emergency dental appointment send shivers down your spine? We have got you covered! At the Smile Institute, we offer numerous sedation techniques to make sure there is no pain involved. In addition to that, we have completely revolutionized the way injections are administered to make sure you receive painless shots.

Our skilled team uses high-tech equipment and manages all your procedures in the gentlest manner, making sure all the dental procedures are delivered painlessly to patients of all ages.