Free Whitening for Life Program 

We are thrilled to introduce our complimentary “Whitening for Life” program, designed to enhance your dental and hygiene health while promoting a beautiful smile. By enrolling in this program, eligible patients can receive ongoing teeth whitening treatments. Here are the criteria for qualification and continued participation in the program:

1. Age Requirement: Participants must be 18 years or older.

2. Appointment Attendance: Maintain regular dental and hygiene appointments and provide us with at least a 72-hour notice for any rescheduling needs.

3. Appointment History: The last two hygiene and dental appointments should have no last-minute cancellations (within 72 hours of the appointment) or no-shows.

4. Comprehensive Dental Exam: Undergo a comprehensive dental examination and necessary x-rays within the past year before joining the program.

5. Health Conditions: Ensure no existing dental or health conditions that would make it inadvisable to start the whitening program. For instance, teeth with active cavities may experience sensitivity during the whitening process.

6. Custom Trays: Possess custom trays for your teeth, either from previous whitening treatments or orthodontic retainers. In the event you don’t have custom trays, we offer the option to 3D print them at a discounted rate in our office.

Upon qualifying for the program, you will receive a complimentary tube of whitening gel after each successful dental hygiene appointment attended.

Please be aware that the program is subject to potential changes, and individual results may vary. To learn more about the potential side effects of whitening, kindly consult with Dr. Ambridge or your hygienist.

We look forward to helping you achieve a radiant smile as part of our “Free Whitening for Life” program!

Happy Patient Story – Veneers and Cross-Bite Correction

I am thoroughly enamored by this remarkable smile makeover, as it encompasses not only aesthetic enhancements but also addresses functional concerns. The patient’s desires extended beyond achieving a brighter and more symmetrical smile; they also sought relief from issues associated with teeth grinding, clenching, and eating difficulties. By employing a meticulous approach, I personally crafted customized porcelain veneers for the anterior teeth, utilizing facial reference metrics as a guide. This technique effectively lengthened and filled in the smile, while simultaneously rectifying the cross-bite and augmenting the tooth structure. Consequently, the need for significant tooth preparation, often referred to as “shaving,” was nearly eliminated, ensuring minimal alteration to the patient’s natural teeth.