Family Bookings

Today’s families have a lot more commitments to look forward to than before. At the Smile Institute, reliability is one of our core principles. This is why we never go overboard in our bookings and make sure to see all our patients on time. One of our popular recommendations to our patients is to schedule a family booking, as this ensures the doctor can see all the family members the same day. The idea has helped numerous families, especially larger ones, in establishing a professional and convenient dental care program for all their family members whilst reducing the added stress of making separate appointments.

Child Dentistry Round Up

We, at the Smile Institute, delightfully welcome your children aboard! We try our best to make your child’s experience at our dental clinic a happy one, which is why we offer miniature kitchen sets and video games to keep them engaged. They will be given warm blankets that they can cuddle in before the procedure beings. And when the procedure is complete, the doctor will give them stickers for their cooperation and courteous behavior.

We know that shots can be quite scary! So we have invested in high-tech equipment to make the procedures as painless as possible! Don’t worry, our doctors are extra gentle with kids and know how to keep them distracted! Plus, your kids will be rewarded with some special goodies when the procedure is over!

Pain Management

We aim to make your child’s stay at our clinic as happy and comforting as possible. Thus we provide them with the utmost sensitive care, making sure there are no tears or pain involved!

Our team uses a variety of distraction techniques such as fun cartoons playing in a multi-screen system and other amenities like goodie bags to keep them occupied. We can also sedate your child if needed.

Our team makes use of the most advanced numbing gels and innovative devices such as the SmartGate Dental Injection Aid Painless to limit and possibly eliminate the pain felt from administering the shots.

At the Smile Institute, our main goal is to provide your child with a happy, comfy, and safe environment – ultimately making sure they do not dread their next visit to the dental clinic but instead look forward to it!