Sedation Dentistry

People often experience extreme anxiety when it comes to their dental appointments. Though this is not unusual, some people tend to become considerably more anxious and panicky than the others. We, at the Smile Institute, aim to make your visit at our clinic as comfortable and pleasant as possible, which is why we offer a variety of sedation techniques. One of these approaches involves the administration of a medicine that induces relaxation. Once the patient is in a relaxed state, we make best use of this time to complete the entire dental procedure. When the work has been completed, the patient will wake up to a beautiful smile feeling refreshed and rejuvenated!

Laughing Gas (Nitrous Oxide) Minimum Sedation

Another approach to sedation is the use of a laughing gas named Nitrous Oxide. This gas helps in relieving the patient’s anxiety and lightens up their mood, ensuring a pleasant procedure! This option is perfect for children and teens that feel extremely fearful. Plus, there are no side effects to this procedure and its lasting duration is quite short as well! Once the gas has been administered, the patient may start feeling a bit tingly or light-headed, as it begins to induce feelings of euphoria and contentment.

The patient won’t feel any pain or anxiety throughout the procedure and may start giggling. As soon as the dental procedure is over, the effect of the gas will also be over. For patients with mental or physical disabilities, this option makes a visit to the dentist a hassle-free experience. However, before administering any type of sedation, the patient’s medical history is examined and all the medicines and supplements being taken are considered by our doctors to avoid any complications later on.

Moderate & Deep Sedation (IV Conscious Sedation)

Patients who suffer from the most severe type of anxiety or have the lowest tolerance for pain can avail IV sedation. Also, patients who face difficulties getting numb or are suffering from a severe gag reflex will benefit from this option as well. This method allows the patient to remain in a relaxed state throughout the procedure while being conscious at the same time.

A certified IV sedation expert will administer IV sedation through the help of an intravenous drip and the vital signs will be monitored throughout the procedure. There is usually no feeling associated with this type of sedation and it feels more like falling asleep. It is ideal for longer and more complex dental procedures, where the patient has to spend several hours at a time in a dental chair.

General Anesthesia

General anesthesia is typically used for patients with special needs or children that suffer from extreme anxiety. This is the most serious type of anaesthesia, which puts patients in the deepest possible sleep and it is used for the most complex and longest surgical procedures.

The patient will remain asleep through out the dental procedure, hence there will be no pain involved. A certified GA specialist will administer the general anesthesia and all vital signs will be monitored to ensure optimum safety!